Styled Shoot at Peña Adobe Park

I had been planning and planning to put together a fantastic styled shoot. I wanted a big dress, a cake, 2 models, a backdrop, the whole kit and kaboodle. 

As I was researching all of the vendors I wanted to use, I finally decided that I work so much better on the fly. I always tend to over analyze things and stress out too much, so this was the perfect solution for me. Do what comes naturally, and simple styled shoots come naturally to me. The dress I found at a local thrift store, hair and makeup were both done by me, and the bouquet I made from 4 different bouquets at Trader Joes.

My brother, and his awesome girlfriend modeled for me and you can truly see the depths of their love in these images. Makes my heart so full to capture the intimate and authentic relationship between two people.

Enjoy the fruits of my labor!

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