Hi I'm Alexandra, but you can call me Xandra.

I am an intimate wedding and boudoir photographer based in Northern California, but open to travel.

When couples tell me about how they fell in love, nothing inspires me more to pick up my camera. I should clarify, I love to talk, but I also love to listen. My favorite part of a wedding day is sitting back and capturing the hidden moments most people would have missed. 

Whether it be your favorite furry friend by your feet sneaking table scraps, or the groom brushing a hair off of his new bride's cheek, I want to capture the truly authentic moments. With my art, I bring you back to how you felt on one of the most love filled days of your life.

If you want to get to know me better, follow me on social media, or if you just want someone to listen, send me an email. 

I would love to tell your love story.

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